Browns news: Baker Mayfield welcomes Myles Garrett back to Cleveland
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Baker Mayfield welcomes Myles Garrett back to Browns

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is excited to have Myles Garrett back with the team. Mayfield took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to welcome Garrett back after the defensive end was reinstated by the NFL.

Garrett was suspended for his role during a fight with Mason Rudolph. He hit Rudolph in the head with his own helmet, and there were some who were calling for a lifetime ban. After the incident, Mayfield had some harsh words for Garrett’s actions, calling it inexcusable.

“I didn’t see why it started, but it’s inexcusable. I don’t care, rivalry or not, we can’t do that,” Mayfield said via Patrik Walker of CBS Sports. “That’s kind of the history of what’s been going on here lately, hurting yourself. That’s endangering the other team.

“That’s inexcusable. He knows that. Well, I hope he does now. It’s tough. We’ll see.”

Mayfield did back off a little from those comments but it’s clear the two are still happy as teammates. The two spent time together at UFC 246 in Las Vegas in late January, and Mayfield said at that time that Garret’s head was in a good spot.

“I sat next to him during the fight, he’s good, man,” Mayfield told TMZ Sports via Bleacher Report. “He’s in a good place right now, which is good for us as a team.”

Garrett is a key part of the defense and the Browns need all the help they can to get back to the playoffs so this is good news. If Mayfield and Garrett take big steps forward this offseason, maybe 2020 will be the year of the Browns.