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Larry Fitzgerald thinks Odell Beckham Jr. will be able to focus more on football with Browns

Larry Fitzgerald, Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. being traded to the Cleveland Browns caught a lot of people off guard, including Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The future Hall of Famer thinks that Beckham getting out of New York will allow him to focus on football rather than the media circus that comes with playing in the Big Apple, and he expects him to be an even better wide receiver.

 “I don’t think I saw it coming,’’ Fitzgerald said Monday at the NFL Annual Meetings, where he participated in a press conference for social justice initiatives in the NFL via cleveland.com. “You heard the rumors swirling, but a player that’s that talented, I mean, he’s one of the best the game has seen what he’s done thus far in his career, and to think about him not wearing a Giants uniform is different.

“But I think it can be great for him, getting to a smaller city where there’s just not as many distractions, he can focus on ball and really let his talents do the speaking for him. He’s with that group with (Jarvis) Landry, again they went to college together, so that could be a great, great combination with a rising quarterback (in Baker Mayfield) as well.’’

Beckham wasn’t always the victim in dealing with the New York media, but there were times that they seemed to hound him. In Cleveland, he is still going to be getting a lot of attention, but it won’t be as bad as in New York.

He is also back with one of his best friends and college teammates Jarvis Landry, and they have talked a lot about how much they push each other. With Baker Mayfield slinging the football, maybe they can become the best wide receiver duo in the league in 2019.