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Browns interested in signing OT Jack Conklin

Jack Conklin, Browns

It’s probably safe to assume the Cleveland Browns are looking for a new face on the offensive line. The Greg Robinson situation makes it pretty clear that he won’t be returning to the team (or possibly even the NFL) any time soon.

With that in mind, the Browns will need to upgrade. According to Jake Trotter of ESPN, Cleveland indeed does have their sights on an upgrade, in the form of Jack Conklin.

Conklin was drafted by the Tennessee Titans back in 2016. That year he was selected to the All-Rookie team and was first-team All-Pro.

Since then, Conklin hasn’t racked up the awards, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a star. He’s appeared in 57 games in his career, starting them all.

In that time (all with the Titans), Conklin has proven himself to be an extremely trustworthy tackle. He limits the penalties and keeps his quarterback upright. In fact, Conklin has just 21 penalties in his entire career.

To compare, Robinson had 10 last season alone, and has never had a four-year stretch with 21 or under. He had 17 in two seasons with the Browns despite starting in just 22 games in that time.

Conklin is also solid in the running game, and would help the Browns tremendously. Cleveland’s passing attack gets all the attention, because of the big names.

With Baker Mayfield at quarterback and Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry at wide receiver, obviously, they will take most of the headlines. Nick Chubb is a star running back, though.

Conklin will help to protect Mayfield and keep the passing attack rolling, but he’ll make it more clear than ever that Chubb is also worthy of headlines.

The Browns have the money to spend and a position of need. It seems like a no-brainer that they will indeed be one of the (likely many) teams vying for Conklin’s services.