The Deshaun Watson decision was finally announced on Monday. There has been plenty of speculation about how long his suspension will be for, but it was announced that the QB will miss 6 games this season, per Ian Rapoport. Watson received good news prior to the announcement, as he settled three more of his civil lawsuits. As a result, there is only one unsettled civil lawsuit remaining, per ESPN.

The hearing began on June 28th. But rumors of a suspension had been long discussed before that. In fact, Deshaun Watson has been the primary story of the offseason despite nothing being announced until today. Judge Sue Robinson reportedly informed Watson's camp about the 6 game suspension on Monday. NFL Network's Tom Pelissero shared Robinson's reasoning for the 6 game suspension decision.

“Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision says Deshaun Watson’s ‘pattern of behavior was egregious,' but notes that behavior was ‘nonviolent sexual conduct' in explaining the decision to suspend him six games, per source.”

Watson will not be fined.

For Watson and his camp, this has to feel like a win. There were initial reports that his suspension could realistically be indefinite. Others stated that he would be suspended for no less than one year. Although 6 games isn't ideal, it could have been far worse.

The Cleveland Browns betting odds will likely be increased as a result. Watson will return after 6 games and try to lead the team to the playoffs. The Browns will have a chance to win the AFC North as long as they play decent football during his absence.