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Deshaun Watson’s accusers interview on HBO as NFL suspension decision looms

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The Cleveland Browns took a massive gamble this offseason, trading for embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson has been embroiled in a massive scandal for over a year. Despite the fact that criminal charges against the former Pro Bowl quarterback have been dropped, there are still 22 civil suits pending litigation accusing Watson of sexual misconduct.

On Friday, news surfaced that several of the women accusing Watson sat down for an interview with HBO’s Bryant Gumbel. The interview is set to air Tuesday night on HBO.

Earlier this week, the NFL sat down with Deshaun Watson, pertaining to the current situation. The league has still not decided whether or not to suspend the quarterback for some or all of the 2022-2023 season. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the NFL has since reached back out to Watson to another interview.

That’s likely not a great development for the Browns or their new star quarterback. Earlier this week, testimony from Watson’s pre-trial deposition was leaked. The former Texans quarterback allegedly admitted that one of the women accusing him had cried at the end of the massage. Deshaun Watson claimed he didn’t know why and had a series of text messages that only prompted more questions than answers.

Last season, the Texans decided to sit their star quarterback as the process played itself out. But this story has only got bigger over time, with more information surely to come to light. That likely begins with the HBO interview next week.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is going to have to make a decision on Watson’s playing status at some point. It is highly unlikely that 22 civil suits are settled prior to the season.