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Browns HC Hue Jackson tells DC Gregg Williams not to call his players ‘stupid’ to the media

Hue Jackson, Browns

Cleveland Browns rookie Denzel Ward sustained a back injury last week during a 5-0 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and though the injury isn’t a serious one, the choice of words by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams while talking about the cornerback’s tackling approach earned a red flag from head coach Hue Jackson.

Jackson was not pleased with Williams, and his resentment towards the way the latter spoke to the media about Ward was very much evident when during interviews with reporters, per Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

“Gregg does not get to do just what he wants to do. We will work through all of that. . . . We do not need to do all of that stuff in the media,” Jackson said.

It’s a clear shot across the room to Gregg Williams, who earlier said that he’s hoping Ward will start paying attention to his advice, so that he would “stop doing those stupid things,” pertaining to the first-year pro’s defensive techniques.

Denzel Ward, whom the Browns took as the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft, is still expected to play in Week 1 of the regular season, as his injury wasn’t deemed to be anything serious.

As for Jackson and Williams, their relationship with each other could be scrutinized a bit more throughout the upcoming season, but it’s probably not going to matter so long as Cleveland can prove that it’s truly headed in the right direction even if the men who are supposed to guide the team are issues of their own.