Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett will be a little bit nicer to his former Texas A&M teammate and now Houston Texans quarterback Kyle Allen when they meet in Week 13. But that doesn't mean Allen isn't going to Garrett's “graveyard.”

Allen recently went viral after he sent a rather hilarious plea to Garrett. The Texans QB asked the Browns star to “be nice to me,” highlighting Garrett's penchant for sacking quarterbacks. The 26-year-old DE actually has 10 sacks this 2022, having recorded 2.5 sacks alone in their past two games against the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.

Garrett heard Allen's request, and so he said he'll give some leniency towards his ex-Aggies teammate. Nonetheless, he still plans to sack him.

“I’ll lay him down a little gentler than others… but he’s going in the graveyard too,” Garrett said, per Kimberly A. Martin of ESPN. The graveyard comment is in reference to his Halloween tradition of putting tombstones with the names of the QBs he sacked on his backyard.

Hey, at least it won't hurt that much for Allen.

The Browns can no longer afford to lose if they want to keep their postseason dreams alive, so Myles Garrett is already giving Kyle Allen quite the favor by telling him he'll hold back for a little bit. With that said, it'll definitely be interesting to see how the Cleveland All-Pro will handle the Houston signal-caller.

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Allen and the Texans play Garrett and the Browns at home, so at least they have that advantage.