Cleveland Browns defensive star Myles Garrett is excited about Cleveland's potential on defense this season under new coordinator Jim Schwartz. 

With a simplified approach, Garrett thinks the Browns' talent on defense will shine in 2023.

“(The potential is) as far as we want to take it,” Garrett said. “I think the guys that we have are very talented in many ways, and there’s a lot of different skill sets that we have on the d-line. I know Schwartz likes to say, ‘take off the seatbelt,’ so I think that’s really the mindset. You get out there and you’re just letting it loose. Don’t worry about all these rules and doing all of this. As soon as you know your assignment, you get off the ball and (mess things up). Get to the ball.”

Despite a lackluster year for the Browns' defense as a whole in 2022, Garrett matched his 16-sack mark from 2021 and was an All-Pro for the fourth time in his career. The running game is what killed the Browns last season as they finished with the 25th-ranking rushing defense compared to their 5th-ranked passing defense.

The last time Schwartz was a defensive coordinator was with the Philadelphia Eagles from 2016-2020. During that span, the Eagles had a top-10-ranked rushing defense in the NFL three times. Schwartz also helped Philadelphia win Super Bowl 52.

The Browns have loads of talent on the defensive side of the ball but failed to put it all together last year. Myles Garrett has his eyes set on a huge 2023 for himself and his Cleveland teammates.