The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets played the first live action game of the 2023 season when they kicked off preseason football at the Hall of Fame game. Cleveland came out on top with a 21-16 victory, and while the game itself was entertaining, there was a strange interaction between Myles Garrett and Robert Saleh after the game that ended up catching quite a bit of attention.

Garrett didn't play at all for Cleveland, which is unsurprising given his superstar status for the team. However, after the game, Garrett ended up watching Saleh's postgame press conference and waited for him to finish before having a quick talk with him. This isn't exactly something that typically happens after games, and fans of both teams have been quite confused by their chat.

As previously noted, this doesn't typically happen after games, which is why fans were so confused by Myles Garrett and Robert Saleh's meet up. Garrett and Saleh don't really have any sort of previous connection, such as working together at a former team, and Garrett didn't play in the game, so there likely wasn't anything that Saleh had the Jets do that irritated him.

Whatever the topic may have been, fans are going to be left wondering what Garrett and Saleh had to discuss after an unimportant preseason game. It likely wasn't anything notable, but the possibility that it was will keep fans up at night, and it will be interesting to see if any details of this conversation ever become known to the public.