It's only been two weeks since Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown passed away, and the world is still mourning the loss of a man that was as incredible a person as he was a talent. A first-round draft pick in 1957, Brown was the face of the Cleveland Browns for nine seasons, amassing 12,312 career rushing yards and earning a Pro Bowl selection every year that he played.

Brown was also renowned activist during the Civil Rights Movement. The three-time MVP is also responsible for organizing “The Cleveland Summit” in 1967. One of the most pivotal moments in sports and world history, The Cleveland Summit was a meeting between the nation's top Black athletes, including late Boston Celtics center Bill Russell and boxing champion Muhammad Ali.

It's enough to inspire anybody, especially the Browns current backfield star in running back Nick Chubb.

“He called my name on draft, and that was already special,” Chubb tells Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon-Journal. “Then I got a chance to meet him and it was everything. He was able to tell me things, teach me about football and just talk to me about being a person. It was definitely an honor being drafted by the Browns. If I wasn’t drafted, I never would’ve got a chance to meet him.”

“I feel like the biggest thing that he taught me was something he never even said,” Chubb continues. “Just probably just me watching his film and playing here in Cleveland behind him… knowing that the greatest running back played here… that’s enough inspiration and motivation for me. Just to know, I’m coming behind Jim Brown…”

“Jim Brown means a lot to the community, to this town, to this state, to this country… So wish well to his family and RIP to a legend.”