Browns rumors: Odell Beckham Jr. is on the trading block
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Odell Beckham Jr. is on the trading block


Did you know water is wet? It’s how we know there will always be rumors of the Cleveland Browns trading Odell Beckham Jr. to wherever for whatever. I mean, it’s just the law or something.

Likely something, but semantics happen to be for corwards.

In our latest round of rumors involving the Browns and our heroic pass-catching receiver, it comes from none other than a man who wants you to know you “heard it here first.”

From Bart Scott’s ESPN radio show:

“Just know you heard it here first,” Scott said. “I’m telling you right now, Odell Beckham is on the trading block and it’s real right now.”

Guys, it’s real. Really, real. He literally said it’s real, making it inherently true. Mark it down, since you heard it from him first, then likely reading about it here now, Odell Beckham Jr. will be traded away by the Cleveland Browns because… reasons!

This could also be a result of people having far too much time on their hands. With the Browns doing a lot of tinkering this offseason to get Baker Mayfield more weapons, it would make little sense to put OBJ on the trading block.

Like, sure, if some franchise came in with a godfather offer, they’d listen, but I doubt there’s a dude in the front office calling around the league looking for suitors.

Who knows. Maybe I’m wrong and the Browns hired Kevin Costner from Draft Day.