Browns news: Odell Beckham Jr.'s hip issue keeping him from sprinting full speed
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Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s hip issue keeping him from sprinting full speed

Odell Beckham Jr., Browns

The Cleveland Browns have received an unprecedented amount of hype ever since they traded for Odell Beckham Jr., but unfortunately it looks like Beckham might not be 100 percent for the start of the season.

The Browns haven’t expressed any concern about a Beckham injury, but speaking at a recent press conference the star receiver made some alarming comments. He has apparently been dealing with a nagging hip injury, and the LSU product made it clear that it’s holding him back, per Mary Kay Cabot of

“It’s like an extremely fast car with the alignment off,” Beckham said. “The car can still go, but it’s dangerous.”

“It’s something that prevents me from opening up and sprinting,” he continued.

That is certainly not something you want to hear from your best offensive player on the eve of the opener.

It’s unclear how long exactly he has been dealing with the injury, and even Beckham said he couldn’t pinpoint a specific moment when it happened.

“I don’t know how it happened,” he said. “I came in one day after practice and it was feeling weird.”

All that being said, Beckham said he plans on playing in the team’s Week 1 game against the Titans and that he’s going to “give it my best in each and every way.”

Fellow Browns receiver Jarvis Landry doesn’t seem to think it’s going to be too big of an issue.

“He’s still probably the fastest in the room right now,” Landry said. “He’s a competitor and he’ll be ready for Sunday.”

No one is sounding the alarm bells yet, but this is definitely something worth monitoring. Hip injuries can be tricky, and it’ll be very interesting to see what Beckham looks like on Sunday.