Baker Mayfield has been the stuff of headlines of late after the 26-year-old recently requested for a trade away from the Cleveland Browns. It is clear that the team has been looking for a trade partner for the disgruntled quarterback but at this point, nothing has materialized.

As it turns out, however, Mayfield's market value may not be as high as what the Browns were hoping for. According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, Cleveland has already named their price on Mayfield, and right now, they're looking to get a draft pick in exchange for the former PFWA Rookie of the Year, but apparently one team wanted a pick from them instead:

“The Browns had conversation with team about Baker [Mayfield] and the team asked for a pick from the Browns to take Mayfield’s contract,” Schefter said (h/t NFL reporter Dov Kleiman).

Negotiations with opposing teams appeared to have stalled a bit and this might be because of Cleveland's high asking price. According to Schefter, the Browns cannot and should not expect to get a high pick for Mayfield:

“If anyone thinks they're going to get a high premium pick for Baker Mayfield they're mistaken,” Schefter added.

As it is, Cleveland may need to lower their asking price on Mayfield if they hope to move on from him in the near future. The harsh reality is that Mayfield's market just isn't that good right now.