The Cleveland Browns are in dire need of a win in Week 12 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they try to keep their playoff hopes afloat. That's because their new star quarterback Deshaun Watson is set to see his 11-game suspension end after their next contest, meaning he will be eligible to take the field for the Browns in Week 13.

While Watson is eligible to play, the question stands as to when the NFL will reinstate the controversial quarterback from his suspension. There will have to be a bit of roster shuffling that the Browns have to account for as a result of his return, but it sounds like Cleveland will have ample time to figure that out, as Watson is on track to be reinstated by the NFL on Monday after the Browns Week 12 action.

“The NFL confirmed on Saturday that Watson remains on track to be fully reinstated on Monday from his 11-game suspension for violating the league's personal-conduct policy and play next Sunday against the Texans.” – Tom Pelissero,

This isn't necessarily surprising, but it does confirm that Watson has met the requirements to return to the field for the Browns. This involved paying a $5 million fine, undergoing an evaluation, and following a treatment plan that involved going to therapy.

With the NFL confirming that Watson is still set to be reinstated, that means that Watson has done what was required of him to return to the field, which is great news for the Browns. Whether Watson can completely turn around the Browns season over their final six games remains to be seen, but he offers Cleveland their best shot at winning, which makes this an important development for the organization.