The Cleveland Browns could be willing to offer Jadeveon Clowney a one year deal worth $15 million, according to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

Breer believes Clowney not taking that deal if he was offered might explain a couple of things about his mindset at this point in the negotiations:

Jadeveon Clowney’s situation continues to be complicated. And I think it’s of note that the Browns are willing to pay a good rate (I’ve heard they’d be O.K. going to the $15 million range on a one-year deal) to get him, and he remains unsigned. That tells me a couple things. One, that Clowney’s financial desires are still a barrier to getting a deal done. And two, that those desires may come on a sliding scale, based on destination.

Breer also believes there are some teams that still have concerns about Clowney. There have been some questions raised about how dedicated he is to the mental side of the game.

Even though there concerns about that, there is no doubt he is still a talented player that can be a great addition to any defense:

“He’s still fast and big and long, and can change direction and track people down whenever he wants to.”

The concerns about the mental side could explain why no long-term deal is done is yet though.

As the season gets closer it will be interesting to see if Clowney will get the number he is looking for, or if the yearly number will dwindle down and he will regret not taking a deal earlier.