Bryan Colangelo says 'it's never easy' to negotiate a deal with Boston
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Bryan Colangelo says ‘it’s never easy’ to negotiate a deal with Boston

Bryan Colangelo

Having recently completed a trade for the top pick in this year’s draft, Bryan Colangelo and the Philadelphia 76ers now have a deeper understanding of how it’s like to negotiate with the Boston Celtics.

With assistant general manager Mike Zarren and Danny Ainge calling the shots, they know it won’t be easy, especially with their experience and knowledge of the game, but they were still able to strike a deal that will make it possible for them to add Markelle Fultz to their fold.

Colangelo was asked to share his experience working with them and he gave Zarren a lot of credit for being smart, which did not make it easy for them to complete the task.

As it turned out, it’s a win-win situation for both parties, as the Sixers are expected to draft Fultz, while the Celtics will still be able to select either Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum with the third overall pick. It would address both their needs in their rosters and allow them to have a better chance at competing next season.

Colangelo’s statement also shows the level of respect he has for the entire Celtics organization, including Ainge, as his comment should not be taken out of context with the two being good friends.