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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians says he does ‘have a plan’ but not a philosophy

Bruce Arians, Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers new head coach Bruce Arians took a brief hiatus from the game, but he clearly could not stay away too long. Arians appears to have an idea or plan in mind and has stated his praise of Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. Considering Arians is a proclaimed quarterback guru, there’s a lot of speculation that Winston is set to thrive under Arians’ guidance.

According to Jay Glazer of The Athletic, Arians stated that broadcasting and simply talking about the game was not enough for him.

“I got the bug, man. I found out TV wasn’t for me. I missed the locker room. I missed the arena. The stars just aligned, it’s a job that has great ownership, a general manager I really liked, a good quarterback and all my assistant coaches were available.”

As Arians gets back into the swing of things, the new Buccaneers coach admits he doesn’t have a philosophy moving forward, but there’s a plan, via Glazer.

“I just went in and told them what our plan was. I don’t really have a philosophy but I do have a plan.”

The Buccaneers are poised for an extreme turnaround with an entirely new coaching staff. Arians was fantastic in his time with the Arizona Cardinals along with fellow coach, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. Arians recruited Byron Leftwich to follow him over to Tampa Bay and fill the team’s offensive coordinator role.

Arians will likely look to establish a run game to complement the team’s prominent pass-first approach. The Buccaneers run game was very lackluster last season, but their pass game was their saving grace. Arians has criticized the approach the team took last season with the quarterback position as they often switched back and forth between Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick.