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Richard Sherman sends hilarious message to new Buccaneers teammate Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady and Richard Sherman have some history between them. The two faced each other during the 2012 NFL season, and their post-game interaction gave birth to one of the NFL’s earliest memes.

Now, as Sherman suits up for Brady’s Buccaneers, the former couldn’t help but reminisce on that iconic photo. Sherman posted this photo on his Instagram, along with the caption “We’ve come a long way.” and tagging Brady. (via Greg Auman)

Brady then commented on that post, saying: “We look so much better in the same color jersey”.

Sherman and Brady may have had some beef before, but the former says that they’re both over that incident now. In an interview for Buccaneers.com, Sherman said this about his relationship with the Bucs QB:

“We exchanged jerseys maybe 4-5 years ago and he said, ‘I’m still mad, bro.’ He wrote it on the jersey. He’s a great sport about everything. He’s just a competitor. We are a lot of the same spirit in that regard. Anything that it takes to win – [we are] obsessed about this game.”

It’s great for Bucs fans to see Brady and Sherman interact this well. Any worries of friction between the two have been squashed with this simple interaction. Sherman, for his part, assures everyone that he can still contribute, and that his recent misdemeanors were just a mental lapse on his part.

The two are some of the greatest players of their generation, and seeing them join forces in Tampa is very exciting for the Buccaneers. Once Sherman gets acclimated with the Bucs system, he’ll likely see more playing time as the cornerback, holding down the fort for the defense.. Hopefully, the next viral moment between Tom Brady and Richard Sherman would be them celebrating a Bucs win at the Super Bowl.