Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady already has a job waiting for him when he decides to call it a career. For those not in the know, he signed a 10-year broadcasting deal with FOX Sports worth $375 million.

While the deal is definitely great for Brady, former ESPN president John Skipper thinks FOX Sports overpaid to get the legendary QB.

“Well, my first thought was amusement that he’s worth 12.5 million more dollars calling than he is quarterbacking a game,” Skipper said in a recent interview on The Dan Le Batard Show, per The Spun.

“There’s very little economic value. He’s a very, very, very expensive trophy.”

Based on Tom Brady's reported contract, he'll be earning $37.5 million per year once he joins FOX. He'll be earning roughly $30 million in 2022 in his current contract with the Buccaneers.

For further comparison, Troy Aikman is earning $18.5 million per year in his deal with ESPN, while Tony Romo is getting around $17 million per year with CBS. Obviously, Brady will be getting paid more than the combined salaries of the two.

“It’s peculiar. [Fox] does seem to have been bidding against themselves because it is the only spot open, again, they’re buying a trophy. I think he’ll probably be okay on the game. It doesn’t really matter that much other than for pride and I guess he’ll shake advertisers’ hands,” Skipper further noted on the deal.

While Skipper does make a good point, Brady remains one of the most influential players in the NFL. When he talks, everybody listens. With that said, there is no doubt he is a worthy gamble considering that many more networks will want him had they not secured the deal.