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Buccaneers star Tom Brady reveals what he’s looking forward to most in retirement

Tom Brady, Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has spoken time and time again about retirement. The veteran has voiced how he wants to play until he’s 50 but that’s not exactly realistic, right?

Well, on Thanksgiving, Brady jumped on an interview with the legendary Oprah Winfrey and discussed a variety of different topics, including you guessed it, retirement. The Buccaneers star also revealed how he’s looking forward to more family time when it’s all said and done. Via TMZ Sports:

“I’m looking forward to the time when I’m done playing football, so I can have those more normal holidays that I had growing up that were important where the family’s all together.”

The Buccaneers signal-caller also discussed how retirement will allow him to have more time to enjoy these moments with his loved ones instead of having to either rush to practice or a game:

“Thanksgiving, there’s a lot to be thankful for, but you only get 4 hours to enjoy it. Practice usually ends at about 1 or 2. You eat about 3:30, then you’re getting ready for the next day of practice. Same with XMAS.”

Brady and the Buccaneers did get Thanksgiving off from actually playing a game though as they prepare for Sunday’s matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. That being said, TB12 will enjoy the time he has after practice with his kids, wife, and fam. Based on his comments, retiring is certainly not out of the question in the near future. Maybe if he wins another ring this season, Brady will call it quits. Who knows.