Being one of the top rim protectors in the game, Brook Lopez has had his fair share of being on the receiving end of poster dunks through the years. As such, the Milwaukee Bucks big man has learned to live with it.

On Friday, Kenyon Martin Jr of the Houston Rockets threw the hammer down over Lopez and it produced a hilarious reaction from the (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

Martin was clearly excited about dunking all over Lopez, who himself was named into the All-Defensive squad last season with the Bucks. The Rockets stud had a bit to say to Lopez after the facial, and honestly, he earned the right to do so after the emphatic poster jam.

Lopez's reaction, however, is just gold. He pretty much reversed the situation as he mocked Martin's enthusiasm. Through his hilariously sarcastic reaction, Lopez reminded the Rockets rookie that he's been around the block for quite a bit now and that being dunked on is no longer new to him. By doing so, he turned the table on KJ.

Superb acting job by the Bucks center here too, which is exactly what made his reaction so hilarious. This is easily one of the greatest dunked-on responses we've seen in the history of poster dunks.