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Cris Carter boldly states that Bucks are better than the Warriors

Cris Carter, Bucks, Warriors

For Cris Carter — former NFL player turned sports analyst — the Milwaukee Bucks are better than the Golden State Warriors.

Per First Things First, Carter shared his insights on a possible NBA Finals matchup. For the eight-time Pro Bowl, he doesn’t believe that the Warriors are better than the rest of the league like everyone says. For Carter, the Bucks are simply better than the back-to-back defending champions.

“Toronto is a matchup that would give the Warriors problems, and Milwaukee is a lot better than Golden State. I have not been convinced that in 110 minutes of basketball, that the Warriors are head and shoulders above the rest of the league, no sir.”

Peep the clip below:

Though some may completely disagree with Carter, it’s a popular consensus among fans and critics that the Warriors don’t look as strong as they were before. In the regular season, they were beaten by several midtier and bottomfeeding teams. Though they still managed to finish first in the West, NBA teams have figured out how to beat the back-to-back champions.

The Bucks, meanwhile, not only turned in 60 wins in the regular season, but they also cruised to the Eastern Conference Finals. But as always, time will only tell if the Bucks truly are the better squad. If Carter’s thoughts are true, then we may crown new NBA champions in June.