Damian Lillard has officially arrived in Milwaukee. The former Portland Trail Blazers star was recently dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks as part of a three-team trade. On Saturday, he made his first appearance in the city following the blockbuster trade.

Video from the Bucks, via ClutchPoints.

Bucks: Damian Lillard arrives in Milwaukee

It's safe to say fans are excited about the trade. Losing Jrue Holiday was not ideal, but adding a star like Damian Lillard increases Milwaukee's NBA Finals chances. The trio of Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Khris Middleton will be among the best big 3s in the NBA.

Lillard, 33, has continued to dominate over the past few seasons when healthy. He has battled injury concerns but has performed at a high level when on the court. During the 2022-23 campaign, Lillard averaged 32.2 points per game on 46.3 percent field goal and 37.1 percent three-point shooting. He added 4.8 rebounds and 7.3 assists per game.

Damian Lillard is a good floor general, quality passer, and excellent three-point shooter. He can also finish around the rim and tends to help his teammates get open looks. Lillard won't have to deal with quite as much pressure in Milwaukee though.

During his time with the Blazers, Lillard was always the top scoring threat. CJ McCollum gave opposing defenses something else to think about, but Lillard was the primary focus. Giannis Antetokounmpo will still be the main focus for opponents with the Bucks. This should give Damian Lillard more chances to get open and take easier shots.

Stacked teams don't always pan out, as was evidenced by the Brooklyn Nets over the past couple of years. But if Lillard, Giannis, and Middleton find a way to make this work, the Bucks will be a legitimate championship contender.