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Bucks Twitter account has fun at the expense of beat writer


Today, everyone’s on social media and since it’s still offseason, some activities get extra attention. One of them is the little Twitter beef that happened between the Milwaukee Bucks and Gery Woelfel recently.

Twitter user Miiiiiike!!! posted on his account the exchange that transpired between the two:

It all started when Woelfel, a longtime journalist, contributor to Lindy’s Pro Basketball magazine, and editor of Woelfelspressbox.com, tried to stir up some controversy by posting a Tweet that says he expects a Bull and Bucks preseason game to bring up the fireworks:

Parker played his entire career in Milwaukee until he was shipped to the Bulls this offseason. Naturally, players will play with a chip on their shoulders against their former team. Gery’s speculations did have a point.

On the other hand, the Bucks apparently already released their preseason schedule and made sure Woelfel knows about it via Twitter reply. The response did not seem to sit well with the sportswriter as he blocked the team’s Twitter account as a result.

It’s a petty move from Woelfel, who as someone who writes for a living could have avoided committing a boo-boo by researching if the Bucks have released their schedule yet. His attempt to make some noise backfired in the end. It appears he wants to start a fire but wants none of the smoke.