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Jabari Parker only one of many players with a frayed relationship with Jason Kidd

In the aftermath of Jason Kidd’s firing from the helm of the Milwaukee Bucks, the hoopla surrounding his relationship with injured star Jabari Parker didn’t take long to surface.

Initially brought up by ESPN’s Ryen Russillo and later confirmed by other sources, Parker and Kidd weren’t speaking — thought that wasn’t the only relationship that was “frayed” during the 44-year-old’s three-plus-year stint in Milwaukee.

According to Eric Nehm of ESPN Wisconsin, Kidd’s finger-pointing way wasn’t only toward Parker, but others in the team — often taking decisions on his own with very little tact for the collective morale of the team and players themselves.

“ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported one of the three reasons the Bucks decided to move on from Kidd was frayed relationships in the organization. Ryen Russillo added to that by reporting he wasn’t sure how much Kidd’s relationship with Jabari Parker factored into the decision, but he was told they were no longer speaking to one another. All of this aligns with frustrations Parker has expressed with ESPN Wisconsin in the past about finger pointing and a lack of positive reinforcement from Kidd.”

Greg Monroe is believed to be one of the worst-treated players, as he found out early in his stint with the team that he didn’t exactly fit in the coach’s plans. Monroe went from a bonafide starter to a sixth man to a mere bench player, often racking DNPs under Kidd with no explanation whatsoever. John Henson, who filled in for Monroe at times, also had his role change several times with no sense of direction or long-term plan for his role with the team.

“Last month, Malcolm Brogdon sat the first 20 minutes of a game against the Timberwolves with no prior indication he would be missing time early in the game.”

Kidd’s maverick way of coaching rubbed some players the wrong way, and Parker was no exception. Besides from making a loyal friend in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kidd’s relationship with the rest of the Bucks players might have put a cap on his future, ultimately costing him his job.