Bucks video: Malcolm Brogdon loses his shoe while attacking the basket
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Video: Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon loses his shoe while attacking the basket

Malcolm Brogdon, Nike

On Thursday, an unusual feat was achieved: performing a task without one-half of his Nike sneaks. The Milwaukee Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon joined the rare company of NBA players that pushed on despite unevenly going about their business.

Every day there is always some rare or once-in-a-blue-moon achievement that is erected in the NBA’s rich assortment of statistical accomplishments. This is made more possible by the frenetic pace that allows players more chances to inadvertently pad up numbers.

Unlike the usual examples that often see players just jogging back on defense sans their other shoe after a play, the 6-foot-5 combo guard lost it while in the midst of attacking Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier off the dribble. The unfortunate mishap prompted Brogdon to dish out the ball to a teammate instead.

This incident came at the heels of another similar boo-boo courtesy of a Nike footwear (albeit across a different league) when Duke star Zion Williamson tore through his shoe and injuring the behemoth youngster. The one involving Brogdon wasn’t as severe although this could lead to further scrutiny from the sports apparel conglomerate.

As for the 26-year-old Bucks starter, not suffering from a Zion-esque tragedy was excellent news considering that he is in the middle of a career year en route to restricted free agency with several suitors looking to obtain his services and shore up their positional flexibility and shooting.