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Bucks’ Sterling Brown names all 50 states in less than 30 seconds

Sterling Brown, Bucks

What skills do athletes and teams need to become great? Two central, essential answers among many: Clarity of mind and pure speed. Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks demonstrated these two qualities in a way you might not have been prepared to expect.

Watch this:

The knowledge of all 50 states isn’t the focus of this brief display. Having the mapped-out framework to spit out the 50 states in under 30 seconds is the true demonstration of mental prowess. Brown’s impressive lucidity — a marriage of a great plan with equally great execution — mirrors the Bucks’ sharpness and alertness this season under head coach Mike Budenholzer.

Narrowly viewed, this episode might seem utterly trivial without any news value whatsoever. To be sure, it leans to the light and fluffy side of a complicated and intense sports world, with the NBA just a month away from stepping into its frenzied playoff cauldron. However, it is not a 100-percent substance-free event.

When a player such as Sterling Brown so obviously indicates how free and focused his mind truly is, that is an indication of how locked-in Brown and the Bucks have been this season. The playoffs will challenge them in ways the regular season never can, but if this clarity emerges in late April and the first half of May, the Bucks might continue their journey into early June.

Sterling Brown embodies the Milwaukee Bucks in an unexpected way.