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Chicago Bulls, 2020 NBA Draft

3 best Bulls trades to move up in 2020 NBA Draft

The Chicago Bulls are coming off of yet another disappointing season, finishing 22-43 and marking the third straight season that the team has failed to hit 30 wins, or make the playoffs.

The lottery drew the Bulls picking fourth, in a draft with three clear top prospects: Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, and Lamelo Ball.

Georgia guard, Anthony Edwards, is an explosive scorer who has the potential to be an elite two way player in the NBA.

James Wiseman is a skilled, mobile big-man who is perfect for the modern day NBA.

Lamelo Ball is a 6 foot 8 playmaking guard, with excellent court vision and basketball IQ.

The Bulls are rumoured to move up in the draft for one of these players, but the question is: who? How? and for what?.

This article will be discussing three potential trade options for the Bulls to move up in the draft to select one of the premier prospects in the draft.

#1. The Bulls trade with the Warriors

Bulls, Wendell Carter Jr.


Bulls Trade Away: Wendell Carter Jr & 4th overall pick

Bulls Receive: Kevon Looney & 2nd overall pick

Why would the Bulls do this?

The Bulls drafted Carter Jr two years ago in hopes that he would be an X-Factor on both ends of the floor. He hasn’t quite been as impressive as projected, but Carter Jr has been formidable as a starting Center.

By trading up to the #2 spot, they can finally get the skilled mobile Center that they wanted when they drafted Carter: James Wiseman.

Wiseman brings more length and athleticism to the table, as well as an untapped potential, given his size and mobility.

Although Carter has been productive, it seems as though he doesn’t have the same superstar potential that Wiseman has.

The Bulls select the Center that they need in Wiseman and add Looney as a role player on their second unit.

Why would the Warriors do this? 

The Warriors can easily just take Wiseman at 2 and fill their void at Center, but adding a young, long, skilled big and the 4th overall pick is a very intriguing alternative.

Wendell Carter Jr can do everything the Warriors need him to do. He rebounds, he’s a good rim protector, he can shoot the ball, he can play the pick and roll, and occasionally he runs the floor in transition.

He may not have the star potential like Wiseman, but for a Warriors team with 3-All Stars already on it, they don’t need star power.

Realistically, Wiseman isn’t even the best fit for their scheme. Obi Toppin is. Toppin would be an absolute perfect fit in the Warriors’ small ball lineup. He plays almost exclusively in the pick and roll, he’s a beast in transition, and he can make plays from the Center position.

The Warriors are probably more intrigued in Toppin than they are in Wiseman.

Trading down to select the better team fit while adding a player like Wendell Carter Jr makes a lot of sense for the Golden State Warriors.

#2. The Bulls trade with the Timberwolves

Coby-White-Bulls< NBA Draft

Bulls trade away: Coby White & 4th overall pick

Bulls Receive: Jake Layman & 1st overall pick

Why would the Bulls do this? 

The Bulls, myself, and pretty much the rest of the NBA really likes Coby White as a prospect. However, when there is a chance to get the first overall pick, sometimes you have to give up some key pieces.

As much as I like White, I think Lamelo Ball and Anthony Edwards are both better prospects. With the first overall pick, the Bulls can select any elite prospect in this years class- but it would make the most sense to go with Lamelo Ball.

Trading away Coby White leaves a hole in the Bulls roster at PG. The only way that they trade Coby White is to draft his replacement.

Drafting Lamelo Ball with the first overall pick would move Zach Lavine to his more natural position at the 2. Putting the ball in Ball’s hands also forces Lavine to play off the ball where he is more effective. According the stats provided by Synergy, Zach Lavine averaged a much higher points per possession (PPP) when coming off screens, or cutting to the basket than when he played in isolation or played in the pick and roll.

Getting Lamelo on this Bulls team adds more value than Coby + the 4th pick.

This would be a good deal for the Bulls.

Why would the Timberwolves do this?

This deal gives the Timberwolves a proven scoring combo guard that can play both on and off ball, similar to D’Angelo Russell, and a top 5 pick. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do this.

Sure, the first pick ensures that they get who they want in the draft. But sometimes who you want in the draft isn’t who’s projected to go in the top 3. This is where draft strategy comes into play.

James Wiseman seems like he would be off the board since they have Karl Anthony-Towns, so the first overall pick would either be Lamelo Ball or Anthony Edwards.

The Timberwolves just signed D’Angelo Russell to a long-term deal and also acquired Malik Beasley at the deadline. They are set at point guard, so Lamelo is unlikely.

That leaves Anthony Edwards. The thing is, the Timberwolves drafted Jarrett Culver with the sixth overall pick last year and like his versatility and upside. Edwards would essentially stunt Culver’s growth as a prospect. Edwards isn’t an ideal option.

The best fit for Minnesota, is Obi Toppin. They have a glaring hole at power forward and Toppin would be an excellent fit. He plays in the pick and roll, he’s mobile, and he can knock down the outside shot. Having Toppin at the four also allows him to play his natural position.

Considering Toppin isn’t projected to be selected in the top 3, this trade would work out for both teams. The Timberwolves get the guy that they wanted at pick 4 and they add backcourt depth and scoring with Coby White. This is a no brainer to me.

#3. Bulls Trade with Warriors

Andrew Wiggins

Bulls Trade Away: Zach LaVine, Wendell Carter Jr

Bulls Receive: Andrew Wiggins, 2nd overall pick

Why would the Bulls do this?

This is definitely the most unlikely of the three.

Here, the Bulls identify that Zach LaVine as a number one option will not win games in the NBA and decide to completely blow it up.

They keep their 4th overall pick and add the 2nd overall pick. Now they have the chance to select two cornerstone franchise players to turn this franchise around. Talk about making a splash.

Not to mention, the Bulls would surround their rookies with some really nice young pieces like Coby White and Lauri Markkanen.

This deal gives the Bulls a nice fresh start and a chance at building a playoff contender.

Why would the Warriors do this?

The Warriors are in win now mode, so adding a rookie to their squad doesn’t really help them in the immediate future. By adding another elite scoring threat like LaVine and a mobile, rebounding, big like Wendell Carter Jr, you can make an argument for the Warriors once again having the most complete lineup in the NBA.

They may mortgage their future a bit with this deal, but Steph Curry’s and Klay Thompson’s don’t grow on trees. Surround these guys with talent and give them a shot to win another title.

The Chicago Bulls are put in the most interesting spot going into the 2020 NBA Draft with the 4th selection.

It’s a possibility that they end up keeping the pick and selecting Toppin, or one of the second tier guards in the draft. They may in fact make a trade and move up like we discussed. Whatever they decide to do, the Bulls will likely leave the draft with a new face of the franchise. Exciting times in Chicago.