The All-Star break is ending for the Chicago Bulls as they return to action against the Boston Celtics on Thursday night. The Bulls have the playoffs in mind as they are currently the #9 seed in the Eastern Conference. Chicago has had a crazy year that has been full of injuries, but they are still within striking distance of the postseason.

Last year, the Bulls made it to the play-in tournament, but their season ended there. This time around, Chicago wants to take the next step. The next step would be getting into the playoffs. They can do that by getting into the top-six of the Eastern Conference before the regular season ends, or they can do it through the play-in tournament.

The Bulls need to climb up a few spots in the standings if they are going to avoid the play-in tournament. With just 27 games remaining, let's take a look at floor and the ceiling for the Bulls in terms of finishing spots in the standings.


Right now, the Bulls are 26-29 and they have a two-game lead on the Atlanta Hawks, the team directly behind them in the standings. There are a few teams within striking distance of Chicago, but their floor for this season is likely 11th place. Right now, the Bulls are 4.5 games ahead of the team in 11th, the Brooklyn Nets, and they are seven games ahead of the 12th place Toronto Raptors. Chicago won't fall below 11.


The Ceiling for the Bulls is the six seed. The Indiana Pacers are currently in sixth place and they are 4.5 games ahead of Chicago. It would be hard, but the Bulls can catch them. If they can reach the #6 seed in the standings, that would be huge, and that would be a fantastic way to end the regular season.

Obviously, anything can happen, but the Bulls will more than likely finish between 11 and six in the Eastern Conference standings.