Coby White didn't start off the season strong for the Chicago Bulls, but he quickly turned things around before the All-Star break. He became the go-to guy for the Bulls, but things haven't been easy since then. Now, White is being guarded by the best player on opposing teams, and it has made things difficult for him.

The Bulls are in the hunt for the postseason, and with depth issues, they will need Coby White to be great. Right now, he is in a bit of a slump as he isn't used to being guarded the way that teams have been guarding him. Chicago head coach Billy Donovan knew that this would happen, and he knows that this is part of the process for White as he grows in the league.

“I think that, when he is off the ball, there are opportunities for him to take a lot more catch-and-shoots,” Billy Donovan said to the media on Wednesday. “I think that certainly lessens the load when someone's generating a shot for you. Even talking to him today, I think he realized there were opportunities for him to do that. He missed on some of those and was trying to put the ball on the floor, trying to generate a shot off the dribble. He's definitely aware of it and we talked about after the game [last night], Herb Jones is on him against New Orleans, last night they're [Detroit] putting their best defenders on him. This is part of his growth and maturation – the first time going through something like this. He’s going to face that, and there's ways that he can lessen his load offensively by not feeling like he's got to do it off the dribble.”

On Tuesday night, the Bulls lost to the Detroit Pistons, and White was 0-5 from deep. We'll see if he can break out of this slump soon.