The Chicago Bulls were supposed to have an easy win on Tuesday night as they were favored by 10.5 at home against the Detroit Pistons. Chicago ended up losing the game, however, and it was largely due to the shooting woes that the team had. The Bulls finished the game 2/29 from deep and lost the game 105-95.

It's hard to win a basketball game when you end up shooting 2/29 from deep. That is just 6.9%. Had the Bulls gone just 6/29 (21%) from three, they would've scored enough points to win. That didn't happen, and Chicago will have to find a way to bounce back quickly as they are back in action on Wednesday night.

“We've gotta play again tomorrow, and that was basically my message,” Bulls head coach Billy Donovan said after the game in regards to his message to the team. “The majority of the time the game is played, the ball is not in your hands. I undertsand that you want to put the ball in the basket, the team that scores the most points wins, I get that, but when you're not shooting the ball well, you gotta be able to find some other ways. We're not going always be perfect, that doesn't mean we can never turn the ball over or give up an offensive rebound, but I think that it was too many things compounded. Some of the fouling, some of the offensive rebounds, those things. You shave off points there, then you find a way to offset that.”

Losing at home as a big favorite is never easy, so this is a tough one to swallow for the Bulls. We'll see if they can bounce back tomorrow when the Cleveland Cavaliers come to town.