This season has been an important one for Coby White. He didn't get off to a great start, but he later emerged as one of the best shooters on the Chicago Bulls. White has had some terrific games this season, but it has all been an adjustment. Now that he is one of the best players on the Bulls, he gets guarded by the best players on opposing teams. At times, it has been hard for him.

Coby White is in a little bit of a shooting slump right now, but Bulls head coach Billy Donovan is confident that it is all part of the process. It took some time for White to adjust to the NBA in general, and now, he is in the process of adjusting to his bigger role in Chicago.

“That's been part of his maturation and growth,” Billy Donovan said to the media on Wednesday. “I know one of the things, when we talked earlier in his career, he really had a hard time figuring out physically [was]: ‘How do I handle back to backs? I'm always a little bit dead legged.’ Which is normal. I think most veteran guys can figure out how to get their bodies to respond. They're all sore, but there is that fine line. His mentality is always to go in the gym and take more shots, put more work, and sometimes that's not the best recipe. Sometimes [it’s] that balance between, ‘I need to rest here a little bit’, or the shooting needs to be less volume, and more precise work. I think these are all things that he's going through and trying to figure out – his routine.”

The past two games haven't been great for White, but he always done a good job of growing and getting better since he's been with the Bulls. He should be able to find his groove soon.