Lonzo Ball hasn't played since 2022 because of an injury to his left knee that required surgery, and Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan just gave un update on him the other day. Unfortunately for Ball, it wasn't a good one as he is still having trouble running at full speed, and the Bulls haven't seen him progress like they were hoping.

“I don’t know if he’s stuck,” Billy Donovan said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “He is doing some shooting, some running, some jumping. He hasn’t done any sprinting yet, that I know… They talked about that, and [sprinting] was kind of a goal, a set point,” Donovan added. “I do think the one thing that has been a priority right now so he does not get set back is he needs to develop more strength in his leg. Because of him having that surgery and being off his leg so long, before he’s really able to ramp up, I think they want him to get to a place physically that relates to his quad stren. I don’t want to say it’s a holdup, but that’s where they want to get him to. In terms of what he’s doing, he feels better.”

That update didn't make it seem like the Bulls were very optimistic about Lonzo Ball recovering anytime soon, but then a video surfaced on social media of Ball doing a self-lob dunk.

Bulls fans will love to see that. It sounds like Ball is certainly still having some issues with getting back to 100% in terms of running, but if he is able to pull off a dunk like that, then he is getting better in some aspects. It's unclear when we can expect to see Ball back on the court, but this is good to see after hearing the recent update on his running.