The Chicago Bulls have had to deal with a lot of injury trouble this season, and the player that has gotten the worst of it is Zach LaVine. LaVine was on and off the court for the Bulls for awhile before opting to have season-ending surgery. LaVine is a key player for Chicago, and he has been missed.

Now, Zach LaVine is trying to get back to full strength as soon as possible, and the focus for him and the Bulls is rehab and whether or not he can be around the team during his recovery.

“We texted a little bit a few days ago,” Bulls head coach Billy Donovan told the media on Tuesday. “I know he was going to the doctor to get his cast off. He’s still laid up in terms of being hobbled. I think the biggest thing for him with the travel piece is going to be when he’s up and able to move and it makes sense to do it [travel with the team]. I don’t know what the dates are. My feeling is he would come back periodically, but I think with all of these guys, the rehab part of what he needs to do to get himself back is going to be critical. Coming off the knee surgery a year ago, he’s got a pretty good group that he’s trusted and worked with out in LA, so I think medically, he feels pretty comfortable with what he’s doing. I think his appearance here would be important; I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be the rest of the season, but the biggest part is going to be when he can get off crutches, and when he can start moving. I think there will be times when he’ll come back in. Kind of similar to what Lonzo [Ball’s] done, quite honestly – where he’s had some people out there that he’s worked with. That’s the biggest thing right now – our people and his people all working together to make sure that he’s progressing in his rehab.”

The rehab process for LaVine is going to take awhile, but hopefully he can see his Bulls teammates a bit during this stretch.