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Bulls’ Bobby Portis apologizes for incident with Nikola Mirotic

Bobby Portis

Chicago Bulls third-year forward Bobby Portis is currently serving an eight-game suspension for punching teammate Nikola Mirotic in the face during practice earlier this week that required Mirotic to be hospitalized.

In fact, the Bulls had announced that Mirotic suffered a concussion and maxillary fractures that needed surgery to repair the injuries and keep him out indefinitely. With all that in mind, the 22-year-old issued a public apology to Mirotic on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m wrong for what I did. I want to publicly apologize to Niko. I feel like I let my fans, the Bulls organization, [and] most importantly my teammates down. This is not who Bobby Portis is.”

Portis also revealed through questioning by the media that he had reached out to Mirotic but has yet to receive a response from the veteran forward. This has come to be expected given that the actions that took place between the two players.

This also provides some more clarity on the situation as Portis did not acknowledge whether these issues be himself and Mirotic were something that has persisted for quite some time. Instead, he stated that it was the competitive nature between the two battling it out for minutes on the floor that drove them to the altercation.

There should be more clarity to the situation revealed in the coming weeks once Mirotic provides his perspective on how things unfolded. For the time being, Portis and the Bulls will look to move on from the entire ordeal.