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Bobby Portis played an awkward game of cards with Nikola Mirotic one time

bobby portis, nikola mirotic

What more is there to say about the situation between Chicago Bulls forward Bobby Portis and former teammate, now New Orleans Pelicans forward, Nikola Mirotic? Their fight caused major headlines across the sports world, but it’s finally time to put this topic to bed.

The two are no longer teammates, as Mirotic was traded to the Pelicans on Thursday afternoon. However, Portis did share a funny story with Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune on Friday about himself and Mirotic following their infamous fight.

“Whatever happened, happened,’’ Portis said of Mirotic on Friday. “We just moved on from the situation. We tried to be professional each and every day. Come in and work, try and make things work on the court, but off the court we never talked or anything. We just kind of stayed away from each other. Played cards one time, it was kind of awkward, but after that didn’t play anymore. Tried to be professional to the utmost.’’

But does Portis feel that he was a big part of the reason why Mirotic wanted to be moved to another team? He certainly does not think so and is not guilty about the situation.

“Guilty? No. I just come in and try and play basketball,’’ Portis said. “Every team gets into a situation, but ours just blew up because of the whole hospital thing. Other than that I’m still sorry for what I did. I’m still coming in every day trying to be a better basketball player every day.’’

The Bulls, who are on the road and will take on the L.A. Clippers on Saturday afternoon, have lost five of their last six games.