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Chicago will use Summer League to establish coach Jim Boylen’s system


The Chicago Bulls have a lot of young players to develop and new additions to incorporate for their upcoming 2019-20 campaign. Likewise, Jim Boylen will have his first full training camp as the team’s head coach.

With this, Boylen is reportedly looking to take advantage of the Summer League to establish his system, per Sam Smith of NBA.com.

While the Summer League games are something of a semi formal for the NBA’s debuting dribbling debutantes, for the Bulls and Boylen facing his first full training camp as Bulls head coach it also will be something of a test run for the system of play the Bulls want to incorporate with their new, developing roster. Assistant Nate Loenser will coach the Summer League team.

According to the report above, Boylen reportedly wants to establish a recognition system where the players have the ability to read and react on the situation based on what the defense is giving.

Boylen likewise expressed the difficulty of taking over midway through the season last year. Now, he gets the chance to incorporate his own brand of basketball and philosophy into these “new look” Bulls.

The long-time assistant also talked up his rookie point guard, Coby White, the no. 7 overall pick in this year’s draft. He is optimistic about White’s skills and willingness to pass, but reiterates that the 19-year old still has a lot to improve on.

Chicago is still building their team and their culture from the ground up, and Boylen will be in charge of establishing that tough, hard-nosed mentality in Chicago.