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DeMar DeRozan reveals harsh reality Bulls are facing after Zach LaVine’s injury

Bulls, Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, Derrick Jones Jr.

The Chicago Bulls not only lost two straight games in blowout fashion, but they were also dealt a major blow with Zach LaVine’s knee injury in their latest game against the Golden State Warriors. However, as DeMar DeRozan said it, it is not the time to pity themselves and make excuses.

After bowing down to the Warriors 138-96 on Friday and losing LaVine in the process, DeRozan acknowledged the challenge they are facing as they try to get back to the win column. However, he reminded his Bulls teammates that they cannot rely on anybody but themselves, all while highlighting the need to use the situation as motivation to take their game to an even higher level.

“Nobody is going to come save the day,” DeRozan said, per KC Johnson of NBC Sports. “It’s on us to step up. These two games should be all the motivation that we need to step up, play hard, play for one another. [Losing LaVine] is just another challenge we gotta face.”

Prior to the defeat to the Warriors, DeMar DeRozan and the Bulls succumbed to a 138-112 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. They still remain atop the East, albeit just a game ahead of the surging Miami Heat.

Now that they are expected to be without Zach LaVine for their upcoming two-game road trip against the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies, the Bulls really need to wake up and unleash the beast that has wreaked havoc in the NBA early in the season.

As DeRozan pointed out, they have no one but to lean on but each other. They cannot expect a miracle to happen, and all they can do is play hard like what they’ve been doing so far in the campaign.