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Bulls news: Dwyane Wade jokes about going bald with wife Gabrielle Union

For nearly every all-time great NBA basketball player, going bald at some point in their career is almost an inevitability. From Micheal Jordan to Kobe Bryant and most recently, LeBron James.

However, after a brief stint with a shaved head a few years back, Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade said on Twitter that he will never go bald again for the sake of his marriage to actress Gabrielle Union.

Wade rocked the cue ball look during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as a member of the “Redeem Team”. Believe it or not, it was Wade who was bald at the time while James still sported a semi-full head of hair. Fortunately for Wade, he and Union would not start dating until the following year.

This past offseason has been somewhat of an enigma for Wade. After a disappointing first season back in his hometown of Chicago, it already looks as if he might be on his way out.

There has been speculation that Wade might reach a potential buyout with the Bulls which would free him up to explore the market prior to the 2017-18 NBA season. If he were to join a championship-caliber team, Wade may want to reconsider a return to the bald look to bring back some of the mojo he had in 2008.