Bulls news: Lauri Markkanen takes responsibility for Chicago's poor record
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Lauri Markkanen takes responsibility for Bulls’ poor record

Lauri Markkanen, Bulls

Lauri Markkanen took some of the blame for the Chicago Bulls’ lackluster record at the halfway mark of the 2019-20 season.

Following a 113-101 loss to the Boston Celtics, the third-year forward owned up to his share of the responsibility for the Bulls’ 14-27 mark:

“I don’t know what to say. I’ve had my moments. But obviously, I expect more out of myself,” said Markkanen, according to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago. “I’m disappointed with myself because if I played at a higher level, we’d probably have more wins.”

The Arizona product is averaging a tenth of a point fewer per game (15.1 points) compared to his 15.2-point average in his rookie season, one that he mustered in under slightly less minutes per game (29.7 to 30.1 minutes in 2019-20).

Asked if he could make more of an impact with more shots or time on the floor, Markkanen said that’s the intent:

“That’s our system now,” he said, noting he had to watch film of games in which he’s had a big impact, asserting he needed to rebound more. “I always look in the mirror.”

Markkanen got off to a sluggish start to this 2019-20 season, looking like he had lost his shot. While the averages have leveled out by the halfway point of the season, there is little indication that he has improved as a player, averaging fewer points, rebounds, and blocks than his rookie season in the league, as well as shooting less efficiently from all three levels.