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Robin Lopez trolls his brother, Brook, after dunk over Jabari Parker

Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez have a history of publicly clowning each other. This time, Robin is offering up a backhanded compliment to describe Brook’s posterizing dunk over Jabari Parker. Robin told K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

“I think it was just so surprising for everybody that Brook would make such an athletic play.”

Brook won’t mind if his brother is throwing shade. Robin makes sure to get a solid dig in at his brother, but Brook had the last laugh on the night. His dunk came at the expense of Parker and his brother, Robin. Brook easily blew past Robin and glided in for the posterizing dunk over Parker:

The rivalry between the Lopez brothers has always been one of brotherly love. The two have not played on the same team since their days together back at Stanford. They did play in New York simultaneously — Robin with the Knicks and Brook with the Nets — but even then they had a pseudo-rivalry.

They considered living together, but couldn’t because their cats fight too much. Seriously.

The Lopez brothers are nothing if not eccentric. They have carved out very successful careers as NBA big men. Brook has had more individual success during his career, but Robin has been a starting-caliber center for the better part of 10 years. That’s much longer than the average NBA player.

But now that Brook and Robin are in the same division, expect more installments of this “rivalry” in the near future.