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Zach LaVine addresses Jim Boylen’s future as Bulls head coach

Zach LaVine, Jim Boylen

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine was recently asked how he feels about current head coach Jim Boylen and all the uncertainty surrounding his job security. The 6-foot-6 Bulls guard did not exactly take a stand on the issue, and instead came up with a rather safe response so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

According to LaVine, he’s leaving the decision to the higher-ups:

“I’m going to keep saying the same thing that I always have. It’s not for me to judge somebody,” LaVine said, via Sam Smith of Bulls.com. “I think he goes out there and does his best. I don’t think anyone in this organization or the NBA goes out there and tries to fail. Sometimes it’s out of your power, your win-loss record or what happens in games. I know for a fact he tries, he’s does his best, and as a player that’s all you can ask for sometimes. As a player I try to go out there, follow the lead, go out there and do my job, and decisions on things like that I leave that up to higher management. That’s not my role in the organization. I think you knew I was going to answer that correctly.”

To be fair, LaVine did heap some praise toward Boylen and his effort. However, his tone here doesn’t exactly sound very supportive of his embattled coach. LaVine and Boylen have had their differences over the past two seasons, so it’s no surprise the Bulls guard isn’t all in on the coach.

It’s worth noting that it has been previously reported that Boylen is on his way out, and some top candidates to take over have already been rumored. Obviously, the new Bulls front office has yet to pull the trigger on this, with new executive vice president Arturas Karnisovas suggesting the process to evaluate Boylen may take some time.

Whatever the case may be, what is clear here is that when it comes to the coaching job in Chicago, things are still a bit murky.