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VIDEO: Zach LaVine, Alex Caruso first workout reel will get Bulls fans hyped

Zach LaVine Alex Caruso Bulls

The Chicago Bulls come into next season with a bona fide superstar on the roster in Zach LaVine…’s new teammate Alex Caruso. The All-Star and the former Los Angeles Lakers favorite were spotted working out together, in what could be a very successful backcourt tandem for the Bulls this season.

Check out the Bulls guards flexing their muscles on the court together:

Zach LaVine will almost certainly be starting in the backcourt with Caruso’s former Lakers teammate Lonzo Ball, given the massive contract he signed to join the Bulls. But AC and Zach LaVine couldn’t be more complementary of one another on the court.

LaVine can do all the heavy lifting on offense and stay on ball when he’s in a rhythm, while Caruso can handle the tougher defensive assignment while helping facilitate as a ball-handler and reliable floor-spacer as well.

The Bulls are a true dark horse candidate to emerge out of the East. There may still be several question marks and chemistry hurdles to pass before becoming contenders, but they have the talent and veteran personnel to make some noise.

With the added star power of DeMar DeRozan joining LaVine and Nikola Vucevic and the depth provided by Caruso and Ball, things are looking up in Chicago