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‘Business Reporter’ Darren Rovell claims NFL won bet against coronavirus

Darren Rovell, NFL coronavirus

Reporter Darren Rovell has always been known for his off-the-wall statistics and information surrounding sports that he gives to fans.

He will hop on Twitter and throw out some random stat that fines a way to throw business and “quirkiness” into sports. And for it, he has gained a weird reputation around the sports world.

Well, he is not helping his cause. On Thursday, Rovell took to Twitter again. This time he did so to claim the NFL won their “bet” against COVID-19.

Rovell is saying that the NFL was betting that everything would stabilize by the time the NFL regular season started.

And with the NFL starting on-time on Thursday and with no current hiccups, he does appear they “won the bet.”

However, people were quick to chastise Darren Rovell in the replies. A lot of people felt he was wrong on a few accounts.

Some said he was jumping the gun because the season has not even started yet. Yes, it seems almost impossible at this point that the game for tonight will be cancelled and things will be pushed back. But having Week 1 go on as planned far from guarantees the next 16 weeks will make it through screening.

Meanwhile, others called the comments insensitive. Nearly 200,000 people have died due to complications involving contracting COVID-19. So pointing out that the NFL won a “bet” against the virus seems a little unnecessary and cold-hearted.

To be fair to Rovell, though, he clearly did not mean any ill will with his comments. He was simply pointing out that the NFL decided not to push back the start of their season because they felt they could get to it without any serious issues.

And that is exactly what they did. Week 1 starts in just a few hours now, and a lot of people are excited to have football back.