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Canadian company claims Big Baller Brand stole their logo for LaMelo Ball’s shoes

Big Baller Brand is still on the rise, but they might be facing an obstacle early with a lawsuit from a Canadian company.

An Ottawa-based yoga studio called “Modern Body” is claiming that BBB stole its logo for LaMelo Ball’s first signature shoe, the MB1.

The studio’s owner Hana Engel told CTV’s Catherine Lathem that the logo on LaMelo Ball’s kicks is nearly the same as her business’ “MB” logo. Engel said she started the trademark copyright process on her logo in 2014 and already has a full license in Canada while she’s still waiting for approval in the US.

Engel also revealed her lawyer already sent a letter to the Big Baller Brand which states that the use of Melo’s MB1 logo in Canada “will be considered infringement” of Modern Body’s exclusive copyright. Additionally, the letter gave LaVar Ball and company until September 29 to respond.

“I don’t want it to be, ‘oh she’s a little yoga studio in Ottawa Canada, who cares we can get away with this’, it’s my logo and I protected it for a reason,” Engel says, per Lathem.

Big Baller Brand made LaMelo the first high school player to have his signature shoes last month, but they sure didn’t expect they’ll be facing a potential lawsuit as they try to make noise in the industry.

The company is yet to make their comment about the situation, though it certainly won’t be long before LaVar Ball responds given how outspoken, albeit controversial, he has been this summer.