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Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins questioning future in NFL after big COVID-19 announcement

Cardinals, DeAndre Hopkins

The NFL announced some new rules on Thursday regarding COVID-19 and there’s been a whirlwind of reactions across the league from players. But, Arizona Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins had the most shocking response of them all.

While he did already delete it, this is what Hopkins had to say:

In case you haven’t heard, if a team has a COVID-19 outbreak in 2021, the NFL has announced they would have to forfeit the game instead of potentially rescheduling. DeAndre Hopkins was clearly not fond of the league’s comments on urging players to all get vaccinated.

Given his deleted tweet, he’s obviously not received the shot. Threatening to not play in the NFL anymore just because Hopkins doesn’t want to get the vaccine does seem a little bit foolish, though. Especially with cases on the rise in the US because of the delta variant.

DeAndre Hopkins tweeted out this just minutes after deleting the other tweet:

If Hopkins did actually hang them up, which does seem highly unlikely, he’d be giving up almost $28 million across the next two seasons. He also signed an extension last September and is owed a guaranteed $42.5 million on top of that.

Make a decision DeAndre Hopkins. The Cardinals need their best receiver healthy.