In a thrilling welterweight matchup at UFC Nashville, Carlston Harris secured a comeback victory over Jeremiah Wells with a submission in the third round. The fight showcased Harris’ resilience and grappling skills as he overcame adversity to secure the win.

Harris’ Determination and Comeback

Carlston Harris entered the fight with a record of 18-5 and was determined to make a statement in the welterweight division. Despite facing a tough opponent in Jeremiah Wells, Harris showcased his fighting spirit and refused to back down.

The first round saw both fighters exchange strikes, with Wells landing some significant shots with takedowns and top control. However, Harris weathered the storm and showed his durability by surviving the round. In the second round, it was more of the same in round one, Wells just blanketing Harris and controlling him for the majority of the round. In the third round, Harris turned the tide of the fight when Wells went for a takedown and Harris locked up his patented anaconda choke and put Wells to sleep shortly thereafter.

Wells’ Performance and Future

Jeremiah put on a strong performance in the fight, displaying his striking skills and ability to control Harris on the mat with his suffocating top pressure. However, he was unable to withstand Harris’ grappling and ultimately fell victim to the submission. Despite the loss, Wells has shown promise in his previous fights and will likely bounce back stronger in future matchups

Harris’ Future in the Welterweight Division

With this impressive victory, Carlston Harris has solidified his position as a rising star in the welterweight division. His determination, resilience, and grappling skills make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the division. Harris’ win at UFC Nashville serves as a stepping stone towards bigger opportunities and higher-ranked opponents.

Other Notable Results at UFC Nashville

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  • Cody Durden def. Jake Hadley by unanimous decision – this was another high-octane fight between two top flyweight contenders. Durden had to refrain from tapping from the tightest armbar you will see, fought through the adversity and drowned Hadley with his relentless grappling pressure.
  • Assu Alambayev def Ode Osbourne by rear-naked choke – Assu Alambayev put his name on the map with a perfect performance in his UFC debut. He went there and absolutely dominated Ode Osbourne with his grappling from the start until he finished him by rear-naked choke in round two.