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Cavs provide update on Dan Gilbert’s condition

Dan Gilbert, Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers released a statement Monday evening on team owner Dan Gilbert, who was hospitalized early on Sunday after suffering a stroke.

The statement from Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farmer indicated that Dan Gilbert is resting comfortably and that the stroke was managed immediately. The hope from the Cavaliers, the rest of the NBA community, Gilbert’s family, and everyone in Gilbert’s circles of compassion and care is that this immediate management of his stroke will result in minimal to no impairment, and therefore the ability to live a full and unencumbered life once Gilbert is eventually able to leave the hospital.

What Dan Gilbert and his family are going through is something which affects hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. This, like any other instance of a prominent public figure encountering a pronounced medical hardship, represents an opportunity to educate the public on the detection, care, and management of strokes. The Mayo Clinic offers a primer here which might be beneficial to anyone who wants to be sure how to detect stroke indicators and map out a plan in case a stroke happens to a loved one.

It is easy to get caught up in the passion and the excitement of professional sports. The Cavaliers are entering a fascinating new era under new coach John Beilein, an uncertain period which magnifies the importance of the coming draft and the July free-agent frenzy which will soon follow. Yet, fun and games take a back seat to the health and wellness of Dan Gilbert, and to the ability of his loved ones to sufficiently care for him.

Dan Gilbert’s health is the most important thing for the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. If Gilbert’s experience can lead to better stroke preparedness and education for more Americans, that would enable this unfortunate event to become a blessing for others.