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LeBron James’ sons rumored as already enrolled in Brentwood school district for next year

Following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ disappointing sweep in the NBA Finals, it has pushed LeBron James’ pending free-agency decision to the forefront of this upcoming offseason. There has been pure speculation in terms of where the current Cavs forward will choose to play next season and possibly further.

One of the teams that have routinely been mentioned as a possible landing spot over the last several months is the Los Angeles Lakers, and that has only gained more steam the closer free agency has drawn. Another rumor has arisen that could further cement that possibility as PZinger6 of Reddit has posted that there has been chatter that James has already enrolled his two sons, Bryce and LeBron Jr., in the Brentwood school district in Los Angeles for next year.

Note this is a complete rumor that is going around, but apparently there have been whispers that Bryce and LeBron Jr have been enrolled in an LA school for next year. This also may be why the oddsmakers have LeBron going to LA as most likely

There is no clarity at this point in time if James has gone through with that move, but this talk is interesting after the Lakers have been placed as the betting favorite to land the four-time league MVP this summer. If true, this only further brings more buzz toward the possibility that the 33-year-old will make the move to Los Angeles.

Regardless of this being the case, James has already stated that his family will greatly factor in his decision-making process in this next chapter of his career. It is expected to be a thorough process that will have several teams in pursuit of him if he does decide to leave the Cavs for the second time in his career.

All of this could lead to the rumor mill picking up greatly over the next few weeks as James has another major decision in front of him this upcoming offseason.