With how good he has been playing since the start of the season, many forget that Jayson Tatum is still a rookie. What’s even more impressive is he only 19 years old, but has shown maturity in his game well beyond his years.

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens shared recently that he is starting now to get over his age, and is focused on his importance to the team. He understands that the C’s will need his solid play even more as the season progresses, and as they look to earn a high seed in the Eastern Conference.

The Duke product will not turn 20 years old until March, and clearly has a long and promising career ahead of him. He has started his pro career on a high note, and has gained the trust of his coach to give him consistent playing time moving forward.

Regardless of his age, Tatum is showing that he deserved to be selected third overall last June, and is continuing to silence his doubters with his production night in and night out. More importantly, he is already an integral part of the Celtics, and has helped them reach their league-best 19-4 record.